Thanks to extraordinary scenery and the beautiful sights on offer, County Kerry has long-been a popular tourist destination. Over time, more people are realising the opportunities that come with a trip to County Kerry in the shape of stunning beaches, majestic lakes, and even a view of the rugged Atlantic coastline. With a trip to County Kerry, comes a time to relax and truly become one with nature and the surrounding life.

Whether you want to immerse yourself into the traditional ‘Rose’ festival with the mountains and lakes providing a stunning backdrop or whether you wish to enjoy a relaxing game of golf on the world-famous golf course, the option is yours but one thing is for certain – the stress and pressures of home will suddenly seem a long way away.

As well as the mountains and lakes, the coastline is equally dramatic with high-rise cliffs and even the Dingle and Beara peninsulas. As you tune out from the rest of the world on the beach, you will be surrounded by fantastic views whichever way you choose to look. Furthermore, County Kerry is also home to national parks, tourism spots, unique shops, pubs, restaurants, and more. In the town itself, you will have an opportunity to travel along the two famous paths – the Ring of Kerry which goes around the mountains and the Iveragh Peninsula. As well as this, you will also come across the Dingle Peninsula which offers ancient Christian sites and beaches.

As you can see, County Kerry has so much to see and do. If you don’t feel as though you can visit all the spots in the time you have available or simply want some help getting around, there are plenty of friendly private tour guides who can show you around whilst imparting expert knowledge regarding the history and beauty of each spot.

All things considered, County Kerry can easily join the conversation of ‘best places to visit in the UK and Ireland’ and certainly makes for a superb traditional Irish trip. Whether you want to get involved with the crowds or simply hang back and enjoy nature, County Kerry is the perfect place to get away from the stresses of normal life.

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